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Hope for my Daughter

I had my daughter 7 years ago, and like Jesse, my daughter's birth was completely normal. When I was 8 months pregnant, my brother came from Mexico to stay with us. He was infected with a sickness that causes a lot of itching in the skin. I contracted the same illness when I was pregnant and one month later my daughter was born. Afterwards at the hospital, after my daughter was born, they put a lotion on me that in effect cured me. The lotion had a very odd odor and was a transparent white. They applied it to me, and after a few hours they told me to wash up. I thought I washing my due to giving birth, and not because of the lotion application. They told me that hopefully my daughter wouldn't contract the same illness. I was worried knowing that it causes a lot of discomfort and I couldn't allow this to happen to my daughter.

However, four days later my daughter was itching, had bumps on her skin and cried a lot from the discomfort. I was desperate. I took her to her first check-up at a community clinic. I asked the doctor for the medicine that had cured me; I told the doctor what it was like and the odor because that is what I remembered. She gave me the prescription and I put it on my daughter with faith that it would do good. Perhaps she thought because I had used it before that I understood how to use it. The doctor didn't explain that after the application that it was important to bathe my daughter. I know that I applied it at least three times but I don't remember how much it took to alleviate her symptoms completely. My daughter was only a few months old when she had her first attack. The doctors told me that it was epilepsy and she was hospitalized for two weeks with frequent attacks and without a reason why.

They never connected the use of lindane with the seizures. They only told me that epilepsy is an energy type illness. But now I think that there is a great possibility that it was caused by lindane because no one in either my husband's family or mine has a history of epilepsy or seizures.

To date my daughter continues having seizures about every three months--at times very strong and at other times mild. I would consider her normal if it weren't for the seizures, but I am worried that when she grows up if she have a normal life? Will she be able to drive an automobile or do the necessary daily things in life? Right now she is doing things that are normal for a child her age. What is going to happen in the future? Are we without hope?

My daughter is taking tegretol 2 times a day but at present it is not controlling the seizures. The doctor wants her to have an MRI to see if the problem is in her brain. We have spent a lot of money on all of this, but want to see her cured because what she suffers cannot be compared to anything. I have many problems at work because I have to miss so much time. This causes problems although I have worked there for 6 years. I ask God to help uncover if lindane is the cause of this and give me hope. Sometimes I want to die when I see her knowing that I caused this. I am frustrated because the doctor didn't think to tell me what could happen.

I want to do everything I can to see that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

I hope that my daughter can be cured...


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