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The NPA's Mission


The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. (NPA) is the only non-profit health and education agency dedicated to protecting children from the misuse and abuse of potentially harmful lice and scabies pesticidal treatments.  As part of its mission, the NPA works to encourage our nation's health and child care professionals to adopt standardized head lice management programs in an effort to keep the children in school lice and nit free.  Pediculosis provides an early opportunity to teach children responsible personal health behaviors --- lessons that become valuable as children mature into a world full of other behavioral health threats. Communities that promote head lice prevention programs demonstrate a commitment to health and wellness.

"The future will depend"on our wisdom not
to replace one
"poison with another."  
National Pediculosis Association®, Inc.

The National Pediculosis Association LACSD receive First Place Pollution Prevention Award!



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