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Other Children's Stories
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Prisoner of the Environment
A little girl's family searches for care and understanding
convinced a prescription has harmed her
Hope for my Daughter
No warnings given to mom about using a
lindane prescription on her infant girl

Heather's Story
Heather's illness was dismissed as
"psychological" by many doctors

Christopher's Story
A mother's grief over
her son's mysterious
condition and the possible link to lindane

Matthew's Story
Mom says government officials and
doctors failed to protect her son
Tiffinie's Story
Young girl has convulsions and
seizures following lice treatment
Stacey's Story
Mom suspects Kwell caused
her daughter's cancer

Ambria's Story
Mother connects daughter's leukemia
with lice treatment

Jose's Story
Young boy permanently disabled
following lindane exposure

Dakota's Story
Doctors assured that prescriptions would
not harm mom's unborn baby


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