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- - Environmental Protection Agency's Summary of research on pyrethroids, permethrin and resmethrin
12/01 Lice Meister recommended as more effective comb for controlling head lice
11/18 Schools face nit dilemma
11/14 Lice not so nice
10/31 Lice at Morton school
10/18 Some Scratching Heads Over New NYC School Lice Policy
10/12 Elmira Mother Worries that Lice Policy is Too Lax
10/11 Head Lice in History
10/10 School tackles lice head-on
10/01 Large-scale Head Lice Finding Kits Effective
09/15 Vigilance on headlice urged by IPU
09/13 Collin Co. Warns Of Approaching Head Lice Season
09/11 Keeping healthy??: Parents should be on lookout for health issues with start of school
09/10 School fights spread of headlice
09/1 SEPTEMBER IS HEAD LICE PREVENTION MONTH Screen, Detect, Remove, Protect!
08/11 EL Health District to fight head lice
07/27 Citizen's guide on pesticide permethrin
07/26 Lice Work (If you can get it)
07/16 New Class of Chemicals Accumulating in People, Land Animals
07/13 'New tests needed' for chemicals
06/26 Problems in Diagnosing Scabies, a Global Disease in Human and Animal Populations
06/25 Another community wants their head lice policy back!
06/12 School Board Votes to Bring Back No Nit Policy
05/22 Remembering Rachel Carson
05/22 Is your family toxic?
05/08 Proposed new lice policy for schools needs to be examined
05/07 Canadian Human Rights Commission commissioned Report to summarize scientific information about environmental sensitivities
05/03 School board race to be decided May 8
04/03 Using lice to study clothing
04/01 Problems in Diagnosing Scabies, a Global Disease in Human and Animal Populations
03/27 Catch a bug
03/21 Will we ever know amount paid to undermine prevention-based No Nit Policies in favor of treatment-based policies?
03/11 Parents say head lice cases continue
02/21 Parents come up with solution
02/17 Maternity protection - Reproduction & Work
02/16 Helen Morgan parents ask district to nix nits!
02/15 Sundance Channel Creates Advisory Committee for THE GREEN(TM) Presented by Robert Redford
02/13 No Lice In Schools
02/06 School nurse enjoys putting smiles back on students' faces
02/05 Registration of lindane pesticides cancelled
01/04 Chemical Remedies Threaten Children with Head Lice, According to the National Pediculosis Association
01/04 Pollutants Contaminate The Blood Of Federal Politicians
01/03 Mother wants school to be ‘nit’ picky about lice
01/03 Picking out a nit niche
  The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.

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