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The National Pediculosis Association,® Inc.

  Alert! Discontinue chemical treatment at the earliest sign of failure!
The NPA advises parents to discontinue the use of any treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to avoid using other chemicals. Manual removal is the best option whenever possible, especially when treatment products have failed.
  The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.
Dec 20 How mandated reporting set infection rates on the decline
Infection rates decline with mandated-reporting. Patients deserve the peace-of-mind of knowing the hospital they receive treatment from utilizes best practices to protect their safety.
-- Source: Government Health IT
Nov 26 Flemington-Raritan board could dump 'science-based' head lice protocols for older approach
Head lice protocols adopted by the Flemington-Raritan school board just three years ago may be dumped in favor of a policy that would reinstate all or part of an older approach that had been standard practice for generations of schoolchildren.
-- Source: Hunterton County Democrat
Nov 25 Danger Lurks in That Mickey Mouse Couch
The dangerous chemical exposure before the head lice treatment decision even occurs.
-- Source: New York Times
Nov 24 Carlsbad schools say no to lice policy change
"'I haven't seen them run rampant through my school, but I would rather send them home than expose everyone to head lice...'"
-- Source: Carlsbad Current-Argus
Nov 15 School head lice policies need an update
"'The best policy is to have a community that’s aware of head lice,' she said. 'Parents need to know the importance of screening for lice regularly in order to be fully equipped to send their kids to school lice-free.'"
-- Source: Boston Globe
Nov 15 My advice for head lice: comb them out
"Buy a good comb, and get ready for some quality time together."
-- Source: Boston Globe
Nov 8 More lenient school lice policies bug some parents
"Some parents are scratching their heads over less restrictive head lice policies that allow children with live bugs in their hair to return to the classroom."
-- Source: The Associated Press
Oct 27 Pole-vaulting lice?! Witness the wonders of unseen worlds
No, this head lice isn't preparing for the pole vault. It's gripping onto two human hairs, seen through a microscope.
-- Source: NBC
Oct 23 A 4-year-old boy with multiple edematous, pruritic red papules on the arms and legs
Insect bite hypersensitivity describes a particular response to insect bites often found in young children but may affect patients of any age.
-- Source: Healio
Sep 17 The National Pediculosis Association Warns Parents About Misleading and Potentially Harmful Online Information on Managing Head Lice
As part of its CombFirst! Campaign, The National Pediculosis Association provides a list of red flags to help parents recognize misinformation when seeking assistance on lice treatment and prevention online.
-- Source: NPA
Sep 11 El Salvador prohibited 53 pesticides including lindane (known as lindano)!
Countries increasingly reacting to dangers of pesticides.
-- Source: Asamblea Legislativa
Aug 27 COMBFIRST! Giving Children a Voice and Parents a Choice on Head Lice
"National Pediculosis Association Sponsors the 28th Annual Head Lice Prevention Campaign."
-- Source: NPA
July 17 Marketers of Unproven Bed Bug and Head Lice Treatments Settle FTC Charges
"Two marketers of unproven cedar oil-based remedies for bed bugs and head lice have agreed to enter into settlements with the Federal Trade Commission that prohibit the allegedly deceptive claims, and require pre-approval from the Food and Drug Administration for any future treatment claims about head lice products."
-- Source: Federal Trade Commission
July 16 Bedbug and lice remedy marketers settle with FTC
"The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday that it reached a settlement with two companies marketing unproven remedies for bed bugs and lice over deceptive advertising."
-- Source: Bloomberg
July 15 Assessing Cancer Risk in China from γ-Hexachlorocyclohexane Emitted from Chinese and Indian Sources
"Of total population, 58% (about 0.79 billion) residents in China were found to live in the environment with high levels of cancer risk exceeding the acceptable cancer risk of 10–6, recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). The cancer risk in China was mostly induced by the local contamination of γ-HCH emitted from Chinese sources, whereas fresh use of lindane in India will become a significant source of the cancer risk in China if Indian emissions maintain their current levels."
-- Source: American Chemical Society
July 10 UK Regulator Bars Wockhardt From Making Drugs For Europe
Wockhardt manufactures lindane product for head lice and scabies.
-- Source: Pharmalot
June 15 Beware: Head lice torment children
"HEAD lice are tiny insects that live on the head and in the hair of both children and adults. Their egg-shells are called nits. Lice are highly infectious and are easily passed between children who tend to play or work closely with their heads held..."
-- Source: Daily News
June 12 Comment Period on Revised Forms for Prototype Consumer Patient Safety Reporting System Open Until July 8
"In an effort to realize the untapped potential of health care consumers to provide local providers with their important perspective regarding adverse events they have experienced, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has funded the development of a prototype Consumer Reporting System for Patient Safety (CRSPS)."
-- Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
May 9 Girl left with horrific burns after lice shampoo ‘set her on fire’
"A LITTLE girl was left with horrific burns after her face burst into flames due to catastrophic reaction to a head lice shampoo."
-- Source: The Sun
Mar 17 Plague Epidemics and Lice, Democratic Republic of the Congo
"Our detection of B. quintana and the plague agent Y. pestis in modern head and body lice is similar to findings of a paleomicrobiological investigation at a medieval plague site near Paris"
-- Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mar 16 Permethrin and malathion resistance in head lice: Results of ex vivo and molecular assays
"Treatment of head lice infestation relies on the application of topical insecticides. Overuse of these products has led to the emergence of resistance to pyrethroids and malathion worldwide. Permethrin resistance in head lice is mostly conferred by the knockdown resistance (kdr) trait."
-- Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Mar 16 FDA Warns Parapro, the manufacturers of Natroba lice treatment
"The Parapro VNR (Video News Release) entirely omits All risk information, including the warning and precaution regarding benzyl alcohol toxicity and the most frequently reported adverse events from the PI. By omitting the most serious and frequently occurring risks associated with the drug, the VNR misleadingly suggests that Natroba is safer than has been demonstrated."
-- Source: FDA
Mar 7 Type 2 Diabetes and Pesticides, What You Should Know
"Development of type 2 diabetes may have a close relationship with the environment, and especially the presence of certain pesticides. According to a new study, some pesticides found in the soil, water, and air may have a role in the rise of type 2 diabetes and may be linked to weight as well."
-- Source: EmaxHealth
Feb 12 Lice from mummies provide clues to ancient migrations
"When two pre-Columbian individuals died 1,000 years ago, arid conditions in the region of what is now Peru naturally mummified their bodies, down to the head lice in their long, braided hair."
-- Source: New York Times
Jan 26 LiceMeister® Comb used in Ectoparasitic Research
"In addition, the fur was systematically searched with the aid of a fine-toothed metal comb (LiceMeister™, National Pediculosis Association, Needham, MA). All ectoparasites recovered were preserved in 95% ethanol for later processing and identification in the laboratory."
-- Source: Michael W. Hastriter, Sarah E. Bush
Jan 25 EPA announces its “America’s Children and the Environment, Third Edition,” -- released today
"America’s Children and the Environment (ACE) is a compilation of existing data and information from a variety of sources to provide national indicators relevant to children’s environmental health."
-- Source: EPA
Jan 7 Pesticides and Parkinson's
"UCLA researchers uncover further proof of a link"
-- Source: UCLA
Jan 4 CombFirst! Head Lice Prevention Campaign 2013!
"An important community message for after the holidays in January!"
-- Source: NPA
Jan 1 Girl Badly Burned While Being Treated for Lice
"Merced County firefighters say family members in Atwater were putting medicine on the girl's head, but they were near a lit candle, and the vapors from the medication sparked, and caught fire."
-- Source: KMPH - Fox 26

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