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  The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.
Dec 10 Human Pediculosis and Anaemia: A "Lousy" Association
Anaemia due to head lice is unlikely, in an otherwise healthy child. However untreated, prolonged and severe infestation might lead to anaemia in the long term.
-- Source: Pediatric Research
Nov 17 Head Lice Prevention Campaign Lasts all Year Long!
A CombFirst reminder for Back to School after Thanksgiving holiday.
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association®
Oct 26 Children are guinea pigs in uncontrolled experiment
Of the 84,000 chemicals on the market today -- many of which are in objects that people come into contact with every day -- only about 1 percent of them have been studied for safety.
-- Source: CNN News
Oct 7 Protecting Children's Health: The National Pesticide Program
New EPA Publication
-- Source: The United States Environmental Protection Agency
Sep 14 Supposedly ‘Safe’ Pesticides
Now First in Poisonings
-- Source: The Center for Public Integrity
July 27 National Pediculosis Association Says CombFirst! 2010-2011
Back-to-school head lice prevention campaign
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association®
July 26 WSJ Writer Talks from Experience
A video of her sharing information
-- Source: Wall Street Journal
June 28 The National Science Foundation's Project on Lice
What lice reveal about the history of human migration, a new nonchemical invention for families, and high res images
-- Source:
May 25 New informative video on pediculosis
Shows Lice Assassins combing for lice and nits!
-- Source:
May 19 US Pharmacist
New Approaches May Help Overcome Pediculicide Resistance
-- Source:
May 19 Malathion Risks
See what US government says
-- Source: MedlinePlus (U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health) -
May 18 Indirect Transmission of Head Lice Via Inanimate Objects
"Whether people can become infected by head lice transferring from inanimate objects is a topic of controversy. This paper reviews the evidence available from experimental studies in controlled laboratory experiments and data from field studies. The weight of evidence appears to be against transmission from inanimate objects being significant, and the promotion of inanimate objects that play an epidemiologically important role in head lice dispersal is not supported by evidence."
-- Source: The Open Dermatology Journal
May 16 Pesticides including malathion
Study reports increased risk of ADHD
-- Source: Los Angeles Times -
May 11 FDA Initiates Bad Ad Reporting
Helping FDA make sure prescription advertising and promotion is truthful and not misleading.
-- Source: FDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administrations -
Apr 21 PSR Supports Newly Introduced Safe Chemicals Act
Physicians for Social Responsibility supports the "Safe Chemicals Act of 2010", seeks improvement before enactment.
-- Source: Physicians for Social Responsibility
Apr 15 Safe Chemicals Act of 2010
Amending the Toxic Substances Control Act that risks from chemicals are adequately understood and managed, and for other purposes
-- Source: THOMAS, The Library of Congress
Mar 30 Body lice originate from head lice
Until now, head lice and body lice were thought to be different species.
-- Source: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research, France)
Mar 23 Genotyping of Human Lice Suggests Multiple Emergences of Body Lice from Local Head Louse Populations
Genetic analyses of human lice have shown that the current taxonomic classification of head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) and body lice (Pediculus humanus humanus) does not reflect their phylogenetic organization.
-- Authors: Wenjun Li, Gabriel Ortiz, Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Gregory Gimenez, David L. Reed, Barry Pittendrigh, Didier Raoult.
Mar 17 Hearing on the Government Accountability
Efforts to Protect Children's Health
-- Source: U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works
Mar 17 Testimony, Hearing on the Government Accountability
Ted Schettler MD, MPH
-- Source: U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works
Mar 17 Testimony, Hearing on the Government Accountability
Gina Solomon MD, MPH
-- Source: U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works
Feb 22 Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act 2009-2010
Research and Prevention
-- Source:
Feb 4 Senate Hearing on Chemical Exposure
Current science on public exposures to toxic chemicals.
-- Source: Pacifica Radio

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