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The National Pediculosis Association,® Inc.

  Alert! Discontinue chemical treatment at the earliest sign of failure!
The NPA advises parents to discontinue the use of any treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to avoid using other chemicals. Manual removal is the best option whenever possible, especially when treatment products have failed.
  The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.
Nov 1 The "HAIR FORCE" in action with its chemical free revolution (part 1 - part 2).
-- Source: Embarrassing Bodies
Oct 21 Severe iron deficiency anemia and lice infestation
"This is the first published evidence of a provocative association of louse infestation and severe iron deficiency anemia in humans."
-- Source: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
Oct 18 The National Pediculosis Association Occupies Times Square on the CBS Super Screen!
"When it comes to protecting children from pesticides and other potentially harmful treatments for head lice, the National Pediculosis Association (NPA) says nothing compares to the kindness of a comb."
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association
Sept 29 LiceMeister® Comb
-- Source: Momma Jorje

Also for Head Lice Prevention Month, please see these other articles by Momma Jorje:

Sept 28 Why expensive head lice cures could be money down the drain
A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2005 suggested a 65-70 per cent success rate. However, some experts question the validity of research into headlice products.

"'Few entomologists with an interest in head lice control are completely independent,' he claims. 'It means there is a huge risk of bias. Parents will go on buying the same lotion, hoping for a different result...'"
-- Source: Daily Mail
Sept 22 Be leery
If a company or individual refuses to tell you what their product contains or provide studies to support their claims, be leery.
-- Source: Momma Jorje
Sept 15 Boss Louse Wanted in Times Square!
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association
Sept 9 Impasse Persists on Drugs in Drinking Water
Five years after the federal government convened a task force to study the risks posed by pharmaceuticals in the environment, it is no closer to understanding the problem or whether these contaminants should be regulated under the Clean Water Act.
-- Source: New York Times
Sept 6 A crawling issue: Head lice treatments worse than the pest itself?
The US has not ratified the treaty, and has no imminent plans to ban lindane for head lice. Since 2006, lindane can no longer be used here on crops or ...
-- Source: iWatch News
Aug 16 September is National Head Lice Prevention Month, Comb First! to Control Head Lice without Pesticides
A Call to Action for September's 2011 National Head Lice Prevention Month.
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association
Aug 10 Misleading headlice advert withdrawn
An advertising campaign for headlice treatment, "Hedrin Lotion," is being withdrawn after a delegate of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Ageing rejected claims it has a "clinically proven kill rate of 97 per cent."
-- Source: Pharmacy News
Aug 8 Just released!! CHEJ's PVC-FREE School Supplies
The Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) has created this fourth-annual Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies to empower you to make smarter, healthier shopping choices for a toxic-free future.
-- Source: Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Aug 5 Reasons for optimism
However, many of the chemicals now being released from the sea ice – Dioxins, Lindane, PCBs and others – were manufactured and originally used before this...
-- Source: Greenpeace International
June 17 How far should we trust health reporting?
If health-risk information in newspapers is routinely misleading, there are real-world consequences.
-- Source: The Guardian
June 15 FCC report on journalism reveals failures, unique potential of the health beat.
Pay-for-play arrangements with the health care industry have prompted an outcry from journalists in the field.
-- Source: Association of Health Care Journalists
June 2 New tool from the Sunlight Foundation allows you to see the political contributions of the people and organizations mentioned in emails you receive.
Find out about inbox influence.
-- Source: Sunlight Foundation
May 4 The LiceMeister® comb featured as a Lindane alternative at a global meeting of the Stockholm Convention!!!
The LiceMeister comb is considered a safe, non-chemical treatment choice over the use of lindane and other pharmaceutical applications using insecticides.
-- Source: National Pediculosis Association
April 15 Lice comb trumps lindane on global stage!
"It's official: A specially designed comb works just as well to control headlice as shampoos laced with lindane. As an added bonus, there's no exposure to neurotoxins involved."
-- Source: Pesticide Action Network
April 6 Itching For Change: Lice & Pharmaceutical Products
A small, but controversial non-profit group has just won a symbolic - and potentially significant - victory thanks to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, which has determined its comb can be listed as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments containing an insecticide banned by dozens of countries for agricultural use. The comb is cleared by the FDA for screening, detecting and removing head lice and their eggs.
-- Source: Pharmalot
April 1 Access & Search FDA's MedWatch/AERS (adverse events reporting system) database
Database contains approximately 2,940,000 Drug Adverse Event Cases, approximately 356,000 Vaccine Adverse Event Cases and 1,460,000 Medical Device Adverse Event Cases.
-- Source: FDAble
Mar 12 The Food and Drug Administration WARNS the makers of OVIDE (malathion)
The Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed a book titled, "There's a Louse in My House" for OVIDE® (malathion) lotion, 0.5% (Ovide). The book is misleading in that it presents efficacy claims for Ovide, but fails to include any risks associated with its use.
-- Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Mar 11 FDA WARNING LETTER to TARO regarding malathion product OVIDE
"The book is misleading in that it presents efficacy claims for Ovide, but fails to include any risks associated with its use."
-- Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Feb 10 EPA removes confidentiality claims on chemicals
Under these new procedures EPA is moving to declassify many chemical identities so they are no longer secret.
-- Source: Environmental Protection Agency
Feb 9 Chemical Remedies Threaten Children with Head Lice
A reminder message to screen the kids during President's Day Weekend.
-- Source:
Feb 2 Study finds Inconsistencies in FDA's Black Box Warnings
Uniform standards urged to help prevent consumer confusion about medication risks.
-- Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Feb 2 US Gov Hearing “Assessing the Effectiveness of U.S. Chemical Safety Laws.”
Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health.
-- Source: U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
Feb 1 Boston's WBUR asks questions parents are afraid to ask - part one - part two - part three
Head Lice Questions, Etiquette, Fear Of Reinfestation, And More.
-- Source: - Boston's NPR News Source
Jan 8 More on lice and human use of clothing
Analysis of a five year study that used DNA to determine when clothing lice began to diverge from head lice.
-- Source: The Examiner
Jan 1 NPA kicks off 2011 on Twitter
"Head lice are Mother Nature's finest and tiniest epidemiologists. They tell us our guard is down and who's at risk."
-- Source: Deborah Altschuler, National Pediculosis Association®

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The NPA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit volunteer organization, including scientific advisors, dedicated since 1983 to protecting children and their environment from the misuse and abuse of prescription and over-the-counter pesticide treatments for lice and scabies.
The LiceMeister comb® was developed by the NPA in 1997 to provide a higher standard for lice combing tools and a safe, cost-effective treatment alternative to pesticides. Proceeds from sales of the LiceMeister comb allow the NPA to be self-sustaining while accomplishing its mission.

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