HeadLice.Org Hot Spots
Nov. 17 Parents Unite
Want more education and prevention
Sept. 4 National Pediculosis Association Marks 25 Years of Advocating Important Message: 'It's Not About Lice, It's About Kids
Aug 11 Nurses ask parentsÂ’ help before new school year

Aug 10 Head Lice Prevention Month
Teaching kids to speak up.
  The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.
July 10 Protect yourself at salons

Since World War II, the use of pesticide products in the United States has increased fifty-fold.1 We now use approximately 900 million pounds of industrial pesticides per year in the United States. Two pesticide products marketed for use on children present striking examples of our overall failure to protect children from these dangerous toxins. Malathion, a deadly organophosphate pesticide, and Lindane, a lethal organochlorine pesticide, are both included in shampoos widely used on children's heads to cure pediculosis, otherwise known as head lice. In the United States alone, seventeen deaths have been reported in connection with the use of Lindane; five of these deaths occurred in children. Lindane is so toxic4 that the Environmental Protection Agency banned all agricultural uses of the chemical in December of 2006.
May 19 Head Lice Epidemic in Australia
Parents want help!
May 19 Michigan HOUSE BILL No. 4569
HB-4569, As Passed House, May 15, 2008
April 28 Artists catch head lice for show
Seven German artists are living with lice in their hair in an Israeli museum for three weeks in the name of art.
April 16 Lice Dispute Comes To A Head
Parents, school disagree on who is responsible to check kids
Mar 26 School health aide recognized
"Her love for the students has done more than improve their attendance"
Mar 23 "Head lice are Mother Nature's early warning signal"
NPA President's Letter in Boston Globe Magazine
Mar 16 Call for lice nurses
School principals are calling for dedicated head lice nurses
Mar 13 British Female Inventor & Innovator of the Year Awards 2008
Press information
Mar 13 The Prepared Patient
We're all in infection control together
Mar 12 Parents Want No Nit Policy
Aliso Viejo parents upset over schools' lice policy
Mar 12 School nurse among Iowa's Great Nurses
One of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses.
Does the ADA Provide a remedy where FIFRA fails to protect?
Feb 07 Peruvian Mummies' Lice Came from Africa
Molecular Identification of Lice from Pre-Columbian Mummies (audio file)
Jan 28 School nurses deal with more than sick students
School nursing with healthy goals
Jan 18 Schools to enforce “no nits” policy
News page and blog
Jan 18 Parent demands no-lice policy at school;
Principal to review matter with health officials
Jan 14 FDA Warns Morton Grove on Lindane

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